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Javascript Developer [node.js]

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Saito is a next-gen Tier 1 Blockchain.

Saito has a unique consensus mechanism which is unlike any other blockchain.

Job Description

The consensus mechanism allows Saito to be both highly scalable and also completely open/decentralized. One way to think about Saito Consensus is that the mechanism pays node operators for their bandwidth, allowing Saito to move more data than any other chain. The whitepaper, which can be found on our website, goes into detail and we are also happy to discuss the details of the consensus mechanism on our Telegram or Discord for anyone that's interested to dive deeper.

Our team has secured a healthy runway with support from reputable funds such as Spark Digital Capital, DFG and Block Dream Fund by OKex. We have also launched an ERC20 via an IDO which is not only growing The Saito Foundation's capabilities, but also our community and brand.

We are focused on building working code that supports real-world usage. We have a long-term vision and believe that the underlying technology will support a healthy growth curve if we focus on building the tech and getting real community engagement.

We are seeking top talent to help with various projects on our Javascript stack. Everything you see at Saito.io is running on our demo blockchain which is written in Node.js. This platform is currently processing over 50k transactions per day on our test network, generated mostly by users playing games at the arcade on Saito.io. We are currently building a Rust implementation of the test network which includes some performance improvements, these changes need to be packported to the Javascript stack. We also have plans to add more games and features to the arcade and wallet, which we hope will continue to increase engagement and build the community. This includes some exciting integrations with other blockchain solutions.

Saito has a huge potential. This is a foundational role with room to grow and many challenges and opportunities in what we believe will become a top-class blockchain.

Experience with TDD, Agile, Continious Integration, and similar things will be helpful.

Requirements: Javascript, HTML/CSS. React Native or similar would also be nice. Webpack and npm expertice would also be helpful, but not required. Enthusiasm for blockchain, distributed systems and/or public key infrastructure. Prefer experience with networking/systems or high-performance systems.

Nice-to-have: system administration, Chinese, Rust.

Salary: Above market rate depending on experience, optionally payable in cryptocurrency

Benefits: standard benefits

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Posted on September 29, 2021

Apply for Javascript Developer [node.js] at Saito

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