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Saito is the ultimate massively-scalable blockchain, enabling hundreds of terabytes of data a day to be moved on-chain. We truly are building the foundation of a new, decentralized, censorship-free internet.

By removing limitations to data size and simplifying implementation - Saito moves beyond simple DApps to support genuine Blockchain Applications. Decentralized, secure, and on-chain.

While the debate about Lighting and an sea of other proposals rages on, Saito has returned to the very fundamentals of blockchain to create our own unique answer to problems of scaling and security.

Saito's new approach and consensus mechanism, Proof of Transactions, is a novel invention that maintains and enhances the advantages of an open, permissionless blockchain. Proof of Transactions provides the scalability other projects can only dream of.

To learn how Saito enables this through our innovative consensus mechanism and our transient chain, visit our official website and social media channels. We have big things in the works - stay tuned for the future of blockchain...

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