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Sep 13

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September 13, 2023

We are on a mission to make Bitcoin mining simple, secure and sustainable for everyone. We are committed to profitable returns and sustainable Bitcoin mining. Creating a positive impact on local communities.We are looking for an ambitious marketer that believes in Bitcoin (and understands Bitcoin Mining) to join us, as we scale our business and increase our marketing output to grow our audience and begin building a community.

Job Description

  • Work with the CMO to develop a content strategy, with clear deliverables and targets.
  • Use AI tools to draft blogs, posts and tweets.
  • Use scheduling tools to create weekly/monthly plans to deploy:
    • Weekly Blog Articles
    • 2 Tweets per day
    • 2 Linkedin Posts per week
  • Use growth tactics to maximise the reach and engagement of our content.
  • Support the founding team to utilise their profiles to support the project.Β 
  • Use analytics to measure impact, develop tactics & optimise strategy.
  • Constantly assess the opportunities that other social platforms provide us, ie whether to launch threads, when to launch discord, Telegram etc.This is initially a part-time position for 2 days per week.The successful candidate will be paid 1 Bitcoin Miner Fraction per month (each with approximate value $350).Miners will be distributed after the completion of our marketplace. If for whatever reason, we are unable to deliver the Fractions by Jan 1st 2024 we will make payment in stablecoin.We hope this role evolves into a full time social marketer or community manager rolen after 3-months.

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September 13, 2023

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