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POSTED May 31, 2018

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Richard Parris, Saito
Richard Parris May 31, 2018
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at Saito

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saito is a new kind of blockchain providing massive on chain capacity. Saito uses a new consensus mechanism and a transient chain to enable scaling and bandwidth orders of magnitude greater than existing chains.

We have more information on our site and code on github. We are an early stage project and need blockchain and application developers on

Job Description

We are hiring junior and senior roles. This is an amazing opportunity to bring your node skills and learn blockchain.

On Saito - front end development _is_ full stack. You will need end to end javascript skills, familiarity with node, and a desire to challenge a lot of presumptions about how blockchains work, and how to develop them, and applications for them.

Secific skills we want to add to the team:

  • react
  • vue
  • node architecture
  • front end and UI design and dev
  • scaling and devops

Salary range

USD - 50k to 100k + generous equity

Job is filled

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