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Jun 08

PhilH Mangrove
June 08, 2022

Mangrove is an order book-based DEX that allows liquidity providers to attach smart contracts to their offers. Coupling arbitrary code with on-chain trading opens up a new design space for DeFi. We envision Mangrove as a new primitive that will enable a whole new range of solutions for token issuers, market makers, and DeFi users.

As a project, our guiding principles are credible neutrality, permissionless-ness and decentralization —Mangrove is a commons that will be built and governed by its community. As a team, we value expertise, creativity, autonomy, and knowledge sharing.

Job Description

We’re looking for an experienced Product Lead with a background in both engineering and finance. You will work with our team and our community as we explore the landscape of products that can be built with Mangrove and shape our roadmap. This will be an exceptional opportunity to contribute to a new DeFi primitive with the potential to reinvent and level the playing field of financial markets.

You should have a solid experience in lean startup methodology, a good understanding of traditional and decentralized finance, and enough technical proficiency to nurture a tight cooperation with developers —both within the core team and across our community. You’re comfortable working in a flat organization where decisions are based on data and cooperation, rather than prejudices and politics.

You will have a key role in structuring our product lifecycle practices, with a focus on customer/problem discovery. Your responsibilities will include:

  • coordinating the product roadmap with product and engineering core teams
  • understanding the competition and unmet needs on the market
  • collaborate with core and community contributors to discover and prioritize new capabilities
  • drive product improvements through experimentation and data-driven processes
  • engage with partners to develop joint product initiatives

This position can either be remote or at our offices in Paris and Copenhagen. If remote, you’re preferably located in a timezone close to CET, and frequent meetings IRL are to be expected.

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June 08, 2022

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