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Feb 26

Welcome to Bluchip, a fast-growing web3 startup that has recently raised $2 million in funding. Our vision is to realize the mass-adoption of NFT. We believes the current market for NFTs has an extraordinary potential to grow in its size which currently is ridiculously small. Bluchip is building the world’s first centralized NFT exchange to unfetter the NFT market’s growth that has been restrained by the incomplete feature-set and the poor user experience of other exchanges. This would enable the art collectors and investors to engage with the NFT market to its fullest extent.


The team you are joining consists of a minimum of 11 people, including CTO, back-end developer, front-end developer, contract developer, product manager, UI/UX designer. (During the interview, we will provide detailed information on the team members.)

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Job Description

Position Summary:

The product manager will oversee the development of the NFT exchange as a product and service. The user experience of the NFT exchange such as the ease of use and the correctness of trades would improve under the helm of the product manager.


Develop and implement a product strategy that aligns with the company's vision for a centralized NFT exchange:

  1. Conduct competitor analysis, learn from the market and find the factors that puts Bluchip forward among its competitors
  2. Collect, analyze and integrate the feedback from customers and the team to establish the requirements and goals of each product (a feature)
  3. Relay the requirements and goals of each product (a feature) to be developed in the form of Product Requirement Documents
  4. Assist the executives in the development of product plans and roadmaps that align the team towards a common goal
  5. Assist the development managers to ensure the product is deployed on time and as intended
  6. Create the telemetry data set requests and analyze the data collected to further improve the products


  • A portfolio that showcases the problem-solving process from the identification of a problem, its solution and the implementation of the said solution
  • The ability to write a concise yet comprehensive product requirement documents
  • A passion to learn and immerse oneself to the blockchain technology, the Web3 movement and the coin and NFT trader-culture

Preferred Qualifications:

  • An experience in the NFT, blockchain, finance and e-commerce
  • The ability to communicate in both English and Korean in their written and spoken forms

How We Work

  • Full-remote
  • Co-work with Linear

Application Process

  • Culture fit Interview → PRD Assignment Test → Practical Interview → On-board
  • The interview will be proceeded remotely for about an hour.

Please submit your resume and portfolio, we'll contact you within 3 days after the submission.

If your file size of your portfolio is too big, you can send it via [email protected]

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