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The average Nft salary (globally) is $75,178 per year.
Salary estimates are based on anonymous submissions by Nfts, website users just like you and collected from past and present job posts.

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Updated Mar 06, 2023

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a year ago
$XXX,000/yr + XX,000 bonus

Content creator/NFT creator Salary

📍 Atlanta, United States / Remote
⏳ 3 years of experience

a year ago
$XXX,000/yr + XX,000 bonus

Nft Writer And Content Creator Salary

📍 Peshawar Pakistan / Remote Islamabad, Pakistan↑ Based on GeoIP. Might not be accurate if submitted via VPN.
🛠️ Skills: Editing NFTs
🕑 2019 years at the company
⏳ 2025 years of experience
🎂 22 years old male

a year ago
$XXX,000/yr + XX,000 bonus

Independent Crypto | Blockchain | DeFi | NFT researcher Salary

📍 Italy / Remote Florence, Italy↑ Based on GeoIP. Might not be accurate if submitted via VPN.
🛠️ Skills: - Construction, programming and maintenance of crypto miners - Knowledge of the structure and mechanisms of the blockchain, as well as the various aspects of cryptocurrencies (e.g. exchanges, hot and cold wallets, smart contracts) - Use case studies for blockchain and cryptocurrencies (e.g. digital payments, asset tokenization) - Analysis of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects (feasibility assessments, technical analyses, comparisons with similar projects) - Thorough knowledge of different DeFi applications and frameworks combined with constant research on trends and developments in the DeFi industry (e.g. dapp, dex, bridge, DAO, staking, lending & borrowing) - Analysis of the opportunities and possible applications of NFTs on different major networks, such as Ethereum and Solana. - Opinions and forecasts on the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and the various investment opportunities. - Advice on how to implement blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in a business or organization. - Knowledge of basic Java language - Knowledge of the Office package - Effective communication in customer support
⏳ 5 years of experience
😎 Self employed
🎂 31 years old male

2 years ago
$XXX,000/yr + XX,000 bonus

Nft Product Manager Salary

📍 Ho chi minh city / Remote Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam↑ Based on GeoIP. Might not be accurate if submitted via VPN.
⏳ 6 years of experience
🎂 23 years old female

2 years ago
$XXX,000/yr + XX,000 bonus

Nft Salary

📍 Warsaw / Remote Warsaw, Poland↑ Based on GeoIP. Might not be accurate if submitted via VPN.
🛠️ Skills: Photoshop
⏳ 5 years of experience
🎂 29 years old female

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