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A next generation social crowdfunding incubator: enables a bridge between traditional incubators and the blockchain ecosystem through a social crowdfunding incubator.

We believe the holy grail of blockchain innovation is Fractional ownership of all assets. The next digital revolution will be bigger than the internet had on assets when they became digitized 20 years ago.

Our mission exists out of three main components:

  1. A new pipeline of innovation: We aim to incubate traditional promising startups that have working products and can benefit from blockchain solutions.

  2. Empower users: Empower stakeholders by utilizing a true social incubator that connects innovators with investors, influencers, advisors, auditors, programmers, and more.

  3. Tokenize everything: Tokenize any asset through any blockchain. Decubate will operate interoperable with several blockchains with a long-term goal of allowing the tokenization of securities.

Job Description

We’re looking for a talent to join our core team to realize our long-term potential. Are you a React Developer that gets excited by new projects, technologies, and the future of tokenization? If so, you might be the person we’re looking for.

Required skills:

  • ReactJS

  • JavaScript

  • NodeJS


  • Automating testing and deployments (we provide the tools/environments)

  • Working with Git workflows

  • Working Agile

We're looking for individuals with:

  • Solid work ethic - you are motivated to learn and work independently

  • Dependability - you meet deadlines and articulate roadblocks

  • Problem solver - you can debug and troubleshoot code (also peer-review)

  • Passion - you enjoy working with new technologies and building the new economy

  • Proactive - you eagerly learn new things and jump on any task that needs to be done

  • Excited - to build new and custom user experiences 

Your day would look like this:

  • Developing components/functions for a MVP that communicates with smart contracts

  • Review code for logic flaws or security issues (you will be trained for this if you like)

  • Processing a working knowledge of designing APIs and building scalable RESTful services

  • Take part in the design process and user testing

We offer the following:

  • Working remotely and highly flexible hours - you know yourself better.

  • A positive and healthy working environment - be yourself!

  • Join a young ambitious and agile team - we are not formal.

  • Fair equity in a company that builds disruptive and innovative products - win & win!

  • Meet the team in person once in a while, we pay for your flight, accommodation, and stay - travel & work

  • The best software and tools that make your life easier (also cloud environments)

  • Receive the privilege to invest in upcoming blockchain startups

  • A market competitive salary

  • A flexible working environment (parttime/fulltime)
๐Ÿ“† Full-time
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Posted on May 05, 2021

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