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A next generation social crowdfunding incubator: enables a bridge between traditional incubators and the blockchain ecosystem through a social crowdfunding incubator.

We believe the holy grail of blockchain innovation is Fractional ownership of all assets. The next digital revolution will be bigger than the internet had on assets when they became digitized 20 years ago.

Our mission exists out of three main components:

  1. A new pipeline of innovation: We aim to incubate traditional promising startups that have working products and can benefit from blockchain solutions.

  2. Empower users: Empower stakeholders by utilizing a true social incubator that connects innovators with investors, influencers, advisors, auditors, programmers, and more.

  3. Tokenize everything: Tokenize any asset through any blockchain. Decubate will operate interoperable with several blockchains with a long-term goal of allowing the tokenization of securities.

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