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Research Analyst

Sanctor Capital is a thesis-driven investment fund that focuses on early-stage web3 projects. Our investment philosophy centers on identifying business opportunities with transformative potential, led by people who can demonstrate excellence in their field.

Job Description

As a Sanctor Capital Analyst, you will immerse yourself in the evolving world of web3. Tasked with evaluating pioneering projects across diverse verticals, you'll play a pivotal role in guiding our investment decisions. Your research, insights, and recommendations will directly impact our portfolio.Key Responsibilities:

  1. Web3 Project Evaluation: Dive deep into various web3 projects spanning different verticals, critically assessing their potential and viability.
  2. Comprehensive Project Review: Examine projects' product offerings, whitepapers/litepapers, and tokenomics to derive a well-rounded understanding of their unique value propositions.
  3. Research and Reporting: Develop comprehensive internal research reports, which will include SWOT analyses, project ratings based on specific metrics, financial projections, and other pertinent data analytics.
  4. Investment Recommendations: Consolidate research findings and deliver investment recommendations to the investment committee, driving informed decision-making.
  5. Collaborative Enhancement: Work alongside the team to optimize our internal rating systems, ensuring they are both accurate and efficient.
  6. Deal Sourcing: Proactively reach out to project teams, arranging due diligence calls to extract critical insights and data.
  7. Market Analysis: Keep a keen eye on market movements, peer activities, and emerging trends to recognize and leverage new opportunities.
  8. Thought Leadership: Contribute to the wider crypto community by researching and publishing insightful articles, trend analyses, and research papers on pertinent topics.
Looking for someone with:
  • Strong analytical mindset and a proven ability to dissect complex projects.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the web3 ecosystem, blockchain technology, and the broader crypto market.
  • Ability to thrive and deliver in a remote work environment.
  • Familiar with blockchain analytic tools.

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