Research Coordinator/Internal Community Manager (Part-Time)

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Uncovering Tomorrow’s Disruptors, D-CORE is where the experts come to get reliable research information on who might be disrupting the universe of blockchain projects.

D-CORE is the professional solution to the never-ending list of questions when analysing blockchain-related projects. It represents part collaborative academic effort and part quantitative research tool resulting in the most reliable and objective reports in the industry. In fact, we worked together with University College London to design the methodology and the mechanisms behind the research process. Our methodology and research engine design ensures that we are able to produce objective research with the needs of the client put before anything else. 

Job Description

As a researcher manager, your role will be to interact with our internal researcher community, making sure that our team is optimal to support the demand for high-quality crypto research.

To understand more about what researchers are and the scope of their responsibilities, please go to

Key Responsibilities of Researcher Manager:

  • To find, attract and recruit suitable researchers
  • To build a robust researcher community, manage and mentor this community and help each researcher grow to his/her full potential
  • To keep the researcher community engaged and committed and develop a comprehensive community engagement strategy


  • Ability to use Telegram and other social channels
  • Previous experience as a Community Manager or similar role
  • Strong communication skills, humour fan, creativity and charisma
  • Strong familiarity with the financial industry and blockchain ecosystem

Compensation will be derived from experience.

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Posted on June 11, 2021

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