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POSTED Aug 09, 2018

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ETCDEV team maintains Classic Geth, a main client for the ETC blockchain and has contributed original projects, such as; Emerald Platform, to help others develop on the ETC blockchain; Emerald Wallet for end users and SputnikVM as a standalone, modular, embeddable and IoT ready EVM.

Ethereum Classic is an independent community driven blockchain continued after EF (a foundation originally started Ethereum blockchain) moved to a separate fork by introducing censoring transactions into their blockchain. Ethereum Classic community opposed that fork and kept original chain, because it believes in principles of blockchain.

We’re maintaining and adding new features to the go-ethereum client (Geth). This is a reference implementation of Ethereum Classic protocol, written - you guessed it - in Go.

Job Description

We need a person to join the Geth project, who has experience making architectural and design recommendations. The ideal candidate will have prior experience with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and be comfortable to work in a fully distributed development team.


  • 7 years of software development experience with computer languages such as C/C++, Java, Python, Go, Haskell or OCaml (at least one)
  • 2 years of Go programming experience
  • Experience with Rust is big plus
  • Familiar with Git and Linux
  • Proficient with spoken/written English, excellent communications skills
  • Good practices documenting, writing and maintaining clean code
  • Track record of Open Source contributions
  • Experience of building distributed applications
  • Self motivated, can take initiative and feel comfortable both working alone and part of a team

How to Apply

Please include links to github/stackoverflow in addition to a cover letter and CV/Resume

Salary range

Paid in crypto

This job has expired

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