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Smart Contract Auditor / Researcher

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Apr 30

Hashlock is a renowned and industry leading independent blockchain cybersecurity and smart contract auditing firm. They are a highly specialised Blockchain Cybersecurity firm coming from manual analysis, community auditing backgrounds and differentiate by the quantity of findings and being maintaining a high level of collaboration with clients, both in Australia and globally.Β 

At Hashlock, we are committed to enhancing the security and integrity of blockchain technologies. We are seeking a highly skilled Smart Contract Security Auditor to join our team. This role involves conducting rigorous security audits on smart contracts to identify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with best practices.


  • Perform detailed security audits on smart contracts for Ethereum, Solana, and other blockchain platforms.
  • Identify and document security flaws, vulnerabilities, and risks associated with smart contracts.
  • Develop and enhance security guidelines and best practices for smart contract development.
  • Collaborate with development teams to recommend security improvements and ensure that best practices are followed.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest security tools, technologies, and trends in the blockchain space.
  • Educate clients and internal teams on smart contract security through workshops and training sessions.


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