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UI/UX Product Designer

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November 16, 2021
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Remaster is an end-to-end collaborative minting platform for groundbreaking multi-stakeholder NFTs. Remaster provides an easy and scalable platform for stakeholders to safely and securely collaborate in new ways to bring previously inaccessible utility to consumers. Remaster is committed to the economic health of artists and art institutions, and will help to bring our world’s precious masterworks to a new level of accessibility and appreciation for generations to come.

Our founding team is made up of five passionate, talented, and well-connected individuals committed to creating a working culture that promotes inclusivity, learning, and entrepreneurship.

Job Description

We are looking for an individual who is passionate, curious, empathetic, and entrepreneurial. You will be at the center and shape our design culture, focusing on developing insightful web UX and purposeful visual designs. You will create prototypes, wireframes, and journey maps while maintaining a holistic approach, integrating intuitive layouts, and visual hierarchies. This role offers a high degree of autonomy and creativity. As the head of our application’s product designer, you’ll work directly with our founders and ensure consistency of our digital presence. 

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