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JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the oldest financial institutions in the world With over $1.2 Trillion in assets and banks such as Chase under it, JPMorgan serves millions of clients around the world. Its CEO Jamie Dimon has been a huge critic of Cryptocurrencies and has repeatedly called Bitcoin a fraud. He even went on to say he'd fire any trader who was trading cryptocurrency for being "stupid and dangerous." However, the bank's jump into cryptocurrencies was inevitable.

The bank initially jumped into blockchain, mostly dabbling with private blockchains. The bank went on to create its own private coin, JPM Coin to improve payment settlements between its clients.

JPMorgan now has a new business called "Onyx" with more than 100 people to commercialise its blockchain technology. Most of the JP Morgan Blockchain Jobs is engineers to push this product further.

All JP Morgan Blockchain Jobs are in its physical offices. However, they are spread across multiple cities and countries throughout the world. Check out some of the JPMorgan Crypto Jobs below:

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