3 Things We Learned While Hiring a Crypto Content Writer

Here at NBX we recently hired a Crypto Content Writer. In this article we’ll share why, how and what we learned on the way. So here we go!

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About Norwegian Block Exchange

Norwegian Block Exchange, or simply NBX, is a truly Norwegian and pioneering cryptocurrency exchange. Born in the urban center of Norway, Oslo, with offices in Halifax (Canada) and Riga (Latvia), NBX gathered entirely diverse and highly professional teams to work together on enabling convenient exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat money across Nordics and around the world. It all started with Norwegian Airlines’ idea to include cryptocurrency payments to pay for services. The founder of NBX Bjørn Kjos, who also founded Norwegian Airlines and Bank Norwegian, is an avid proponent of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus situation delayed cryptocurrency payments at NAS to happen, but we have noticed without a doubt that cryptocurrencies continue to gain momentum disregarding the pandemic. NBX emerged as a completely self-sufficient business with solid plans and ambitions. Approved by Finanstilsynet (Norwegian equivalent of FSA), NBX aims to provide more fiat gateways as the interest in cryptocurrency grows. Certainly, this year brings more and more eyes to the cryptocurrency space and Bitcoin, and so is demand for information.


That’s why we started looking for a Content Writer. Speaking of Norwegian market (and not only), the demand for content related to Bitcoin is enormous as many potential cryptocurrency users today are first time buyers! It is exciting to deep dive into the Bitcoin rabbit hole for the first time, and we wholeheartedly want to provide answers on numerous questions our beloved future Bitcoiners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have. Marketing trends for 2020 don’t lie: content is still king, and a big priority at NBX as we are looking to connect with our potential customers in a genuinely meaningful way.

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to explore the future of finance and learn about it. Our guesstimate for an average individual to learn about cryptocurrency is 0.6-1 year. That is too much time to spend bored! Thus, we imagined our ideal future Content Writer as an extremely knowledgeable in the cryptocurrency space professional, able to explain difficult topics comprehensively and in engaging formats.

Key takeaways we learned while hiring a Content Writer in cryptocurrency space:

Lesson 1. Know what you’re looking for.

Content writing is an extremely varied sphere: some copywriters create amazing slogans, some specialize best in sales and product copy, others produce impressive longreads. Knowing types of content you need helps to narrow down the search.

Lesson 2. Follow the knowledge.

There are many skillful copywriters, but how many of them know the cryptocurrency space well? You probably want to produce less of a surface level content. A cryptocurrency enthusiast will likely take care of your content in the best possible way and save time on learning about the space, which is a positive thing when you need that content piece ASAP.

Lesson 3. Multi-skills are an advantage.

Coming back to Lesson 1, once you know what you really need, think about some additional tasks you might need to get done. Someone who can create both a long read and brainstorm with you on refreshing the key message will likely become a great addition to the team.

The successful candidate came from the Crypto Jobs List in almost no time. We truly liked how easy it was to place a vacancy on the platform: it took us not more than 30 minutes before our Content Writer position was rolled out and we started to receive applications. Among more than 70 skillful candidates, there was Ian, an American native speaker, student of the blockchain tech industry who has been studying it since he discovered Bitcoin in 2016. Since early 2018, he decided to use his dual business and education background to educate others on all sorts of aspects of the cryptocurrency space. Having worked with an Investor Newswire, a private newsletter, the Divi project, Bitpanda, and several others in the past, he’s now bringing his passion for the space and for breaking down highly technical concepts to NBX as an Editor in the marketing team.


Advice for Content Writers wanting to work in Crypto?

Advice for candidates looking for a Content Writer in Crypto: a portfolio with different types of content pieces written by you can move you up in the competition ladder. Improve your knowledge, language skills and don’t forget to be creative!

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