Here are 6 resources that will make you a React.js wiz!🧙‍♂️


64% of #crypto job posts require devs to master React.js… Here are 6 resources that will make you a React.js wiz!🧙‍♂️

But first, what is React.js? React is an open-source JS library that helps you create interactive user interfaces easily. Major advantages of React are:

✅Easy creation of dynamic apps ✅Reusable components ✅Improved performance ✅Small learning curve ✅Dedicated tools for easy debugging ✅Unidirectional data flow


1/6 put up a tutorial that helps you build a simple game👾 The techniques you’ll learn in this tutorial are fundamental to building any React app, and mastering it will give you a deep understanding of React

2/6 A Discord community by @reactiflux with more than 190k members, where you can ask questions, show your work for feedback and meet other devs with your same interests👉

They also keep a well curated learning section

3/6 A comprehensive list of high quality tutorials and articles for those who want to learn React/Redux👨‍💻 Resources go from basic to advanced:

4/6 For those who prefer learning on video, here is a curated list of talks on React👩‍🏫 They include classes and workshops by established professionals from the React ecosystem

5/6 Awesome React, quoted on website, it’s a list of all awesome things about the React ecosystem🤩 It includes useful tools, tutorials, videos, demo apps and real React applications

6/6 Traversy Media published one of the most comprehensive React crash courses on YT, where you’ll be building a task tracker app and look at components, props, state, hooks and more👉

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