How Alpaca Finance Hired the Right Head of Business Development

As an organization expands, hiring a Business Development Manager is essential. When the CEO and COO no longer have the time to look into the small details, the Head of Business Development is the one that steps in. A BD's responsibilities include managing the current business and look for future business opportunities. Alpaca Finance was at the exact same spot a few weeks ago.

Alpaca Finance is one of the largest decentralized finance crypto company, bringing personal finance to the masses. They are the largest lending protocol that also provides leveraged yield farming on Binance Chain. Lenders can get safe and stable yields, while borrowers can get loans for their leveraged positions without collateral.


As Alpaca Finance was growing too fast, they were looking for a head of Business Development. We spoke to Alpaca Finance's Sam Notallama to know how they found their perfect fit for Head of Business Development.

Why were you hiring and what were your challenges in finding the right candidate?

We needed someone with sufficient industry knowledge and high level work experience, but as a new and extremely fast-moving space, these candidates are hard to come by.

How did Crypto Jobs List help you with that process?

Helped us source a lot of good candidates.

What did you like best about Crypto Jobs List?

Good amount of inbounds.

If you’re looking to recruit top talent like Alpaca Finance that will be a perfect fit for your company, get in touch with us. When it comes to filling skilled roles within the blockchain industry, your search starts and ends with Crypto Jobs List.

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