Announcing a New Crypto Jobs List Logo

After over a year of research, deep thinking, hard work, trials and experimentation, I’m excited to finally present to you Crypto Jobs List’s new logo and brand identity:


The new logo is clean, simple and sparkling with colourful excitement.

The finished logo is the result of over 400 days of research, thinking, and most importantly patience to find the result that resonated with the CJL community.

Why did it take 400 days and six iterations to reach this version?

When you look at successful company rebrands from the outside, decisions look simple, often “obvious” and sometimes shocking (but then people get used to it, e.g. Airbnb rebrand). No one wants to be changing their logo often, as it’ll confuse the hell out of your customers, partners and everyone around. That sets high expectations and pressure not to f*ck it up.

I reached out to several designers but was not personally happy with the results. After running various variants by friends and members of the Crypto Jobs List community, I did not get a clear winner either.

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the process, suggested logo ideas, gave feedback and most importantly were patient with me. Thanks to all the designers who participated in the progress: Danny Limanseta (Rovo), Zach Moore (Hatched Labs), Fiverr guy, Elle Chun (getaround)

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