Crypto Community Manager Jobs

Crypto community manager jobs

Surprisingly, crypto community manager jobs are one of the most demanded jobs in the cryptocurrency industry. Every ICO and exchange needs one or two community managers that will manage social media, telegram chat, Reddit, bitcointalk, and other forums. Often these jobs are overlooked because most people think that jobs in crypto are only for the tech people. This is very far away from the truth. Every crypto company, large or small, requires a range of non-technical skills to succeed. Community management is a big part of that success. This job category is also most often opens up opportunities for remote workers and people living all over the world. Often native speaking ability in a range of languages (such as Spanish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese) is required to thrive in these career paths.


Community management is so big, that there are dedicated community management firms that emerged, who hop from project to project, offering high quality, consistent results to their crypto clients.

A range of different companies is hiring their community talent on Crypto Jobs List: anywhere from crypto exchanges, to ICO projects to community management firms themselves.

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