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Hiring guide: How to get the most out of hiring on Crypto Jobs List

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This article is dedicated to all founders, hiring managers, and everyone hiring and growing their team in crypto. We often get asked: “Can you share some tips and tricks for hiring?” or “What can we do to maximize our success on Crypto Jobs List?”. We’ve been replying to these in DMs, and over email. But now it’s time to put all these tips into a comprehensive article. We’ll cover anywhere from seemingly obvious small tips and tactics to more high-level hiring advice and expectations management. Let’s go!


Job Title

  • Keep your job title neat and concise. Don’t cram spammy keywords, the name of your company, and other things that are hard to read.
  • Don’t use ALL CAPS
  • Spice up a bit, especially if you are a lesser-known company as an employer.


  • DO:

    • Senior Frontend Engineer
    • Frontend Engineer for NFT gallery | React
    • Frontend Engineer | VueJs
    • Community Manager
    • Solidity Developer
    • Crypto Researcher (DEGEN-IN-RESIDENCE)
    • Meme Lord
    • Global Business Development Manager
    • React Developer for Professional Trading Terminal
  • DON’T:

    • Senior Frontend Engineer at a Blockchain Startup | Remote or Location
    • Frontend Engineer, React, VueJs, SCSS, Webpack, Nextjs
    • An amazing opportunity you cannot miss at CryptoCoin…

Company name

  • Use your brand name

  • Don’t include: Inc., Ltd. Pte. Ltd. GmbH., unless absolutely necessary.


Company Description

  • Be specific about what you do.

  • If you are an early-stage company, free free to mention your story, why were you started, a few words about the founder

  • Don’t use any buzzwords and abstract b/s like “We are revolutionizing …. “

  • You’ve already pitched your company to investors and maybe to end-users. But remember that you still need to sell it to your future teammates.

Job Description

  • List responsibilities

  • List requirements

  • List benefits

  • Benefits are not only about money. Smart people want to be around other smart people. People want to belong. People want to have status. People have interest

Application Method

On Crypto Jobs List, we offer both - applications via our platform - they’ll be emailed to you and accessible in the Hire Dashboard.

And we support applications with 3rd party links. Some companies like using their existing ATS or forms, but we must say, there are some risks involved and things you need to know while using your external applications links:

People in crypto are very sensitive to URLs, and they’ll be alarmed at first sight of something suspicious like that.

We once had a large global company hiring thought us, and we had several false-positive phishing reports from our talent community. All because that company used their enterprise HR software that had a complicated domain name and URL structure. It even took us a few hours to confirm it was not a scam.

Salary Ranges

Many companies are sensitive to sharing that information in the job listing. We get it. You might want to prevent your competitors from spying on you, or you might want to “sense the market” for offers… If you can, do list a range. It saves everyone a lot of time and sets the right expectations. Especially if you are paying a relatively high compensation package and going for the cream of the crop, you should be listing that information.

To find out what you should be paying people, we have a Salaries section.

High level hiring mindset and expectations while hiring

To manage expectations - finding good devs is no easy feat these days. Even through us, you might get a few spammy/low-quality applications (we cannot prevent people from applying, but do report them!).

How to screen resumes


Just make sure not to skip on candidates too fast - if someone is applying from a “weird” location or has an uncommon name - don’t rule them out immediately. There is some exceptional talent in places you would not find it in even three years ago.


If you are hiring with Crypto Jobs List, we’ll be tweeting your job listings out and tagging your company (if you’ve mentioned your Twitter handle). It’s recommended that you engage with these tweets in some way.

Apes on CT People on Crypto Twitter like seeing engagement. A comment, like, retweet quote retweet goes a long way and shows that there are real people behind your company, that it is not a scam, and no one is impersonating you.

Pro tips:

  • Degen/ape jargon - people love this. And that instantly gets a lot of attention.

Crypto Jobs List Technical FAQ

Twitter card preview image is not rendering correctly.

Head over to Twitter Validator -> paste your job link -> click on Preview card. You might have to click a few times until an updated image shows up.

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