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The amount of ideas working its way into the Blockchain industry goes beyond being a developer or an economist, Blockchain supports everything from Entertainment to Health, Politics, Finance etc.

This gives a wide range of acceptability to what and who can use the blockchain ecosystem.

But the issue has always been finding the right personnel and professional to translate an idea into service and ensure proper growth overtime for the service created.

To solve this, Crypto job list is providing the most legitimate platform for all crypto currency related jobs or blockchain jobs, ranging from developers to engineers, financial instructors, blockchain attorneys and lawyers, regulatory officers and compliance managers, Online Marketing Managers, Content Marketing Manager, Blockchain Security Engineer, Crypto Trader, Technical Writer, Product Manager, social media guru, System Administration Specialist, and all non-technical duties that fits themselves in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

General Overview

Crypto Job listing provides an avenue for professionals in the crypto currency space to meet their prospective employers without the need for a recruiting agency.

It also provides a great opportunity to employers to have an unlimited pool of crypto currency professionals from which they can select from, this gives them the opportunity of selecting the best of the crops.

We are the largest and most genuine bitcoin job listing site with over 200+ new hits every day, we ensure blockchain jobs are done by the right personnel with the most credible qualification and experience.

Our space provides unlimited opportunity for Blockchain jobs and recruitment, with our tailored service towards the cryptocurrency space.

Crypto job list currently powers in excess of 150 live Blockchain jobs. Our knowledge and understanding of the cryptocurrency / blockchain system requirements provides us with unparalleled advantage in the crypto currency ecosystem.

Crypto job list has been developed with a raft of features geared towards vastly enhancing the number of crypto personnel a recruitment business receives within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Bitcoin Jobs for Employees

Quick Job Search: This is clearly shown on the homepage and allows candidates to search for bitcoin jobs quickly and easily with little effort by using our Advanced search feature that allows free text keyword searching relating to specific blockchain jobs with filter on locations.

Candidate Applications: Candidate application for crypto currency jobs can take place in two forms “register and apply” and “quick apply” without the need of registering on the website.

Mail to a Friend: Upon finding a bitcoin or blockchain vacancy, the candidate is provided with an option of sharing the vacancy on their Social media timelines and emails, we support more than a 100 possible share options. This is to ensure the cryptocurrency jobs gets to as many people as possible, thereby extending our reach to getting the right crypto personnel for the advertised blockchain job.

Company Profile View: View the profile of any company on the jobsite that has cryptocurrency jobs posted.

Profile Update: Get to update your profile at any time to show your most recent acquired knowledge or skill to improve your probability of getting selected for a bitcoin job from the CV pool

Job alerts: If you can’t find a perfect blockchain job right away, there’s an option to sign up for job alerts. Once the system is updated with new cryptocurrency jobs that matches your criteria, the system will send an email alert with relevant bitcoin job offers straight into your inbox.

We also feature a huge selection of remote bitcoin jobs. Check them out now!

Features for Employers

Crypto Jobs List already showen a great track record, helping leading blockchain companies hire. Latest example is How Adel hired a Blockchain Marketing Intern. Take a few minutes to read the story and get inspired!

Content Management: We ensure contents to crypto listing pages are instantaneous as they are confirmed with no need of human intervention, giving a seamless update to existing blockchain jobs as they are being confirmed.

Vacancy Administration: Employers have the ability to add, edit, delete jobs on our crypto jobs list website. This includes archive facilities and advanced search facility on live vacancies.

Candidate Administration: Employers can review all candidates applying/registering with the site, edit, delete or export data directly to a CSV document or an excel format.

Performance Reports: Employers can view how each of their blockchain job post is faring on our site, with our performance report feature, the employer gets to know which of his / her job post is attracting more traffic and which ones are not. This gives a considerable overview to what the market wants or not in terms of cryptocurrency job

Searchable CV Database: Our site provides a fantastic feature that ensures CV’s of all candidates which register with the site will be stored, allowing employers the ability to search through the database and selecting their choice candidate from the pool.

Resume Manager Inbox - Option to save and delete resumes from the employer’s inbox to avoid clogging with unwanted Résumé

Applicant Tracking - employers to track, qualify and rate the hiring status of candidates

Featured Cryptocurrency Jobs: We provide an avenue for cryptocurrency employers to set up blockchain jobs so they appear more visible on our homepage, attracting more candidates, this is referred to as the featured section

The Preview Job Posting option allows you to validate a blockchain job posting to check for improper input, misspellings, or unacceptable content before the job goes "live"

Applicant Screening - ability for employers to create questions to blockchain job postings for applicants to respond when applying to a bitcoin job.

RSS Feeds: RSS feeds can be added that users can add to an RSS reader of their choice, allowing them to follow bitcoin jobs added to the site.

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