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Metaverse Architect: Building the future

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With Facebook and other companies betting billions of dollars on the Metaverse, it is clearly the future of tech. Metaverse is an alternate reality that is fully virtual. At the core of it is the building itself. The metaverse concept is a huge, alternate world where people can work, play, and hang out with other people. It takes the idea of socializing digitally. However, this is also a very new concept, that requires extensive work.

Movies such as 'Ready Player One' and 'Matrix' have shown us the pitfalls of giving away the control of Metaverse. No one likes the idea of large corporations like Facebook controlling the metaverse and extending their reach in our everyday lives. However, blockchain projects such as Sandbox and Decentraland have been at it for years now, building a more diverse, blockchain-based decentralized metaverse.


Introduction: Who is a Metaverse Architect?

Metaverse architects have been here for decades. There's just another term for this profession: Game Designers. However, metaverse building could be way more complex. Gaming companies are already transitioning to make inroads into the metaverse, and large companies such as Microsoft have spent Billions of dollars in acquiring existing gaming companies.

However, if you ask any game designer, they'd tell you how complex all of it is. It often takes over five years with thousands of talented people to build a large open-world game. Constructing three-dimensional spaces is a slow and time-consuming process because of the sheer amount of creativity required. Like thousands of people who practice architecture as a profession to design buildings in the real world, we will see an explosion of metaverse architects to create content in the virtual world.

The skills needed for Metaverse Architect

The first and the most important skill for a metaverse architect is creativity. Like architecture, metaverse architects also need to be creative above all else. They should be able to imagine large structures and reach beyond the limitations of physics.

Then, they also have to learn to design 2D/3D experiences using a combination of game engines or modeling software. This is probably the hardest part. It takes a lot of time and practice to design and render digital models. A person who wants to make a serious career out of it needs to get into 2D/3D designing, have a lot of practice, and build a portfolio.

Finally, there's participating and socializing. One person cannot build the metaverse. It is still a very small industry now. Get to know other people, various technologies, and software solutions out there.

*“The Metaverse is a truly fascinating place because not only can you build whatever the mind can think of, but people can actually own some of the assets that were built by the metaverse architects. You can physically own these items (as NFTs) and feel a sense of true ownership for the metaverse that you have spent so much of your time gaming in. Never has such a true value been provided to gamers and those who traverse into virtual worlds."

SpaceMonk, Founder of Web3 Gaming Company MetaVox Labs*

Architecture vs Metaverse Architect

The main difference between architecture and metaverse architecture is physics. Traditional architects are trained to construct buildings bound to the laws of physics. It takes a little bit of practice to unlearn that. Technically, you could even build a structure that looks tiny from the outside but a multistorey structure when you go inside. You do not have to care about gravity, weather, and structural stability.

Also, there's more emphasis on the fully digital world. You don’t have to put in a window for better airflow or even care about the fire safety laws.

However, attention to detail is still very important. Both architects and metaverse architects spend hours focusing on the tiniest details. With architecture, if anything goes wrong, it could cause the building to fail. Similarly, if the details are not perfect in the metaverse, it could take away the whole immersive layer from its users.


The metaverse is still a very new concept. With so many new companies entering the metaverse space, there will be a great deal of demand for the people who can work on it. As companies start expanding, the severe lack of talent would force them to hire game designers. But eventually, Meraverse Architecture would be a real career experience that would be sought after.

In fact, we see the demand already. Both Sandbox and Decentraland are the biggest metaverse companies in the blockchain, where large companies buy land. Just like real-world land, there is no value if it remains empty. Landowners have started hiring experts and outsourcing to other companies to build on it.

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