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Partnering with Nebular Summit 2024

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We are thrilled to partner with the Nebular Summit, an event for interchain builders and engineers, taking place in the heart of Brussels, Belgium on 12-13 July 2024.


The Nebular Summit will offer a deep dive into cross-chain DeFi, CosmWasm, modular blockchains, protocol governance, staking, and much more.

As a prelude to the main Summit, Nebular Hack Day will be held on July 12, featuring developer-centric technical workshops where you can learn from industry leaders like Neutron, OKP4, dYdX, and Juno.

You can also visit and take advantage of exclusive job listings and discounts for attendees.

For more information stay tuned on our Twitter and to register, visit Nebular Builders.

Raman Sha
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Founder @ CryptoJobsList. Bought my first Bitcoin in 2014 and been working in crypto full time since 2017. I talk to companies and talent about hiring and the industry overall. Recovering software engineer.

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