Strips Finance hired their CTO on Crypto Jobs List to transform DeFi Interest

Strips Finance is an upcoming DeFi platform looking to bring innovation to the industry. It is an interest rate derivative exchange that users can speculate on and trade interest rates. The interest rates are fixed on most platforms. Users can trade these fixed interest rates, which make them variable interest rates. This is also known as Interest Rate Swaps (IRS). DeFi is still at its early stages, and companies such as Strips Finance are at the forefront, laying the groundwork and solving problems.

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Strips is 100% remote and currently has 10 employees, most of whom were hired through Crypto Jobs List. So when it came to their next hire, they had no doubts. But this time, it was a challenge. They were hiring a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

As a CTO, the candidate would be at the top of the organization, directing the technical aspects of the project. We spoke to Ming from Strips Finance, and as expected, they had trouble finding someone with the proper technical knowledge.

Strips Finance was looking for a CTO who would also be a senior developer responsible for strategising and implementing features. They also needed someone who had a deep knowledge of Javascript/Solidity, Python/Vyper, or Rust to create back-end systems and front-end experience.

With the convenience and the high response rate of Crypto Jobs List, Strips Finance managed to find the right CTO. Ming also highlighted that the quality of candidates was way better than other platforms.

Strips Finance continues to hire and they're currently hiring for a Senior Solidity Developer.

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