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Success story: How Adel hired a Blockchain Marketing Intern with Crypto Jobs List

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Adelphoi 2017 been certainly a great 🚀 year for blockchain jobs and 💱 Crypto Jobs List. Many companies post on Crypto Jobs List and we do our best to get them the right candidates. We are always excited to hear back employers that list without about their experience with us and hiring success stories. In this post, I'd like to share with you a story of Adel.

A few weeks ago, Jessica Zartler (Marketing & Communications Director, Adel) posted their blockchain job with us. They were hiring a Marketing & Social Media Intern 🤓. Among desired qualifications they listed "Must know at least the basics of blockchain technology", "Past experience in blockchain tech", "Programming skills", "Invested in cryptocurrency".

Just within a few days Jessica received several high quality applications and ended up hiring in just under a few weeks. Here is what Jessica Zartler had to say:

"We posted on Crypto Jobs List looking for marketing interns to help us with community engagement, digital marketing and social media and found not one, but two highly qualified candidates within days. We interviewed and hired them within three weeks. Crypto Jobs List is lightning fast, highly responsive and provides a fantastic resource for organizations looking to hire, and hire fast in the blockchain space. We will definitely use Crypto Jobs List in the future when looking to add excellent resources and personnel to our team."

Jessica Zartler, Marketing & Communications Director, AdelJessica Zartler

About Adel: A community incubator for Blockchain innovation

Let me tell you a bit more about Adel. It is a technology incubator for blockchain innovation. Their community collaborates on ideas, and uses the AdelWiki™ to collectively create business plans. Members vote on projects and can become profit participates when they are launched. Expertise within the community brings mentoring, learning, and employment opportunities. Successful projects are reinvested for further growth, or issued as rewards to members. Adel is blockchain agnostic, and harnesses the features of any open-ledger platform to showcase its potential. Their mission is to incubate projects that will positively change the world.

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