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Top 10 Blockchain Courses in Singapore's Education Powerhouse

2019 was a big year when Singapore launched the “Smart Nation” initiative and introduced the Payment Services Act, which outlined the nation’s goal to be a leading economy in digital innovation and also officially recognizing crypto companies as operating businesses.

With the Government of Singapore embracing blockchain technology with open arms, large amounts of capital has flown (Gemini, Binance, Litecoin Foundation, etc.) into the city-state to develop the industry. With such a commitment, Singapore now needs to have the human capital to match the nascent blockchain industry.

This led to the proliferation of many local training service providers offering world-class, quality blockchain education! So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh graduate, a copywriter, software developer, or a c-suite executive, there is something for everyone on this island!

The search for the best blockchain education be like...


To help you not spend precious waking hours finding the courses, our goal in this article will be to help you in searching for the best blockchain education programs in Singapore!

As Singaporeans, you would have received a present from the Government in the mail informing you that you have SkillsFuture credits that you can use to offset course fees. As part of this article, we’ll be highlighting courses that are eligible for SkillsFuture.


The Best Universities Offering the Best Blockchain Courses in Singapore

According to the QS World University Rankings, the top 2 universities in Singapore are both ranked top 15 in the world! The National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University take the 11th and 13th place, respectively according to the rankings, sandwiching Princeton in the 12th position.

1. National University of Singapore


Apart from being one of the world’s top universities, NUS has a lively blockchain/Fintech community that houses a dedicated blockchain think tank (Crystal Centre) which was created from the lab that birth popular cryptocurrency projects such as Zilliqa and Kyber Network.

Courses recommended:

  • Enterprise Blockchain & DLT for Executives - This course will help you understand the fundamentals of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and how it can apply to organisations. The course also covers real-life use cases, illustrates the major enterprise Blockchain & DLT platforms, and includes a hands-on session on cryptocurrency to better understand how the underlying technology works. This is a good choice if you're looking for a cryptocurrency course in Singapore.

Duration: 1 day. Cost: S$103 - 272 (for Singaporeans) S$910 (for others)

  • MSc in Digital Fintech - This degree programme focuses on the technical side of Fintech and will help candidates acquire a firm foundation in computing and finance. There are specific modules on blockchain programming, blockchain innovations, and the fundamentals of blockchain technologies.

Duration: 1.5 years. Cost: S$58,000

2. Nanyang Technological University


NTU sees many blockchain hackathons and blockchain-based student clubs springing up in the past couple of years. There is also a Fintech research centre launched in 2019 engaging in research of blockchain technologies.

Courses recommended:

  • Enterprise Blockchain - This course introduces the key points about Blockchain that you need to know - the blockchain definition, the basis behind blockchain and the problem it is trying to solve, how it can benefit the world, the reason for so much attention and controversy.

Duration: 1 day. Cost: S$642

Duration: 1 day. Cost: S$642

  • MSc in Fintech - This degree programme places a strong emphasis on the in-depth mastery of disruptive technologies in finance such as financial automation, applications of financial cryptography (blockchain technology) and blockchain systems.

Duration: 1year full-time, 2 years part-time. Cost: S$35,000 (for Singaporeans) S$55,500 (for others)

3. Singapore Management University

blockchain course Singapore SMU

SMU is the 3rd autonomous university in Singapore after NUS and SMU. The university is internationally recognised for its world-class research and broad-based teaching. If you're looking for a Blockchain Workshop in Singapore, SMU has a few options.

  • Certified Blockchain Developer - This course is for software developers who are looking to develop in-depth technical knowledge of Bitcoin and Ethereum by learning how to develop a blockchain environment, smart contracts or decentralised applications. At the end of it, you get a Blockchain Certification.

Duration: 5 days. Cost: S$605 to S$1605 (for Singaporeans) S$5350 (others)

  • Blockchain: Embarking on the Journey - With blockchain being adopted at a rate faster than expected across industries, new job roles in support to development may require a basic understanding of blockchain. This course is for those that will have blockchain being integrated into the existing enterprise ecosystem and is required to know more about it.

Duration: 1 day. Cost: S$97 to S$257 (for Singaporeans) S$856 (others)

  • Advanced Certificate in Blockchain for Business - This 6 module programme is designed to empower participants with the understanding, frameworks and tools to leverage blockchain technology. You finish the programme by understanding the fundamentals, implementation and also the governance of blockchain systems.

Duration: 6 modules, 2 days per module. Cost: S$1452 - S$12480

4. Singapore University of Social Sciences

SUSS’s Fintech and Blockchain Group has been active in holding blockchain forums and events both online and offline with many collaborators. They have most recently partnered with Blockchain Association Singapore, Electric Coin Co., and Least Authority to hold a zoom event titled Zero-Knowledge Privacy in Regulated Financial Transactions.

Courses recommended:

  • Blockchain Security and Privacy - This course focuses on information security and cryptography techniques underlying Fintech and blockchain technology. The course analyses different security concepts and examines how cryptographic techniques are used to realise different security obobjectives,uch as data integrity authentication.

Duration: 6 months. Cost: S$1100

  • Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts - This course summarizes the origins of blockchain technology and its evolution. Learn how blockchain and smart contracts may enable efficiencies in multiple markets and how it can be a disruptive force in those industries. Technical aspects of Ethereum and smart contracts will also be covered.

Duration: 6 months. Cost: S$1378

5. Singapore Polytechnic


SP is the first and oldest polytechnic in Singapore, focusing largely on technology-related courses such as engineering and computer systems. They have many partnerships and close ties to the industries, which allows them to provide industry-specific programmes.

Courses recommended

  • SGUS Blockchain Talent Programme - Developed in partnership with Blockchain Association Singapore to help trainees with coding backgrounds to become blockchain developers, analysts, consultants in the industry.

Duration: 1 year, full time. Cost: $1000 (Singaporeans), $34,026 (others)

  • Fintech Fundamentals Programme - Developed in partnership with Token Economy Association to provide a comprehensive understanding of various key Fintech concepts, and technologies in the Fintech and Blockchain sectors.

Duration: 12 sessions. Cost: S$388 - 1027 (Singaporeans), $3424 (for others)

6. Ngee Ann Polytechnic


NP is the second oldest polytechnic in Singapore, but the first higher education institute in Singapore to fully embrace blockchain technology by announcing in 2017 that diplomas will be issued on the blockchain.

Courses recommended:

  • Fintech Foundation programme - The programme aims to increase awareness and appreciation of Fintech and its impact across various sectors. You will also be introduced to the foundational concepts of Fintech such as design thinking and blockchain.

Duration: 3 days. Cost: S$121 - 321 (for Singaporeans) S$1070 (others)

  • Specialist Diploma in Fintech - The programme aims to help you acquire knowledge and skills to apply to Fintech business models, analytics, etc. It also Introduces you to blockchain concepts, and you will have hands-on experience in developing your own blockchain prototype and also Smart Contracts.

Duration: 1 year. Cost: S$388 - 580 (for Singaporeans) S$3872 (others)

7. Institute of Blockchain


The Institute of Blockchain is one of the first movers for blockchain training in Singapore. They have developed a curriculum for the Certified Blockchain Consultant and prides itself as the Certificate Owner and Certificate Awarding Body.

Certified Blockchain Consultant - This Blockchain Certification has 4 tracks (executive, standards, technical, elective) which covers the basics of Fintech, blockchain, compliance, smart contract applications, governance, etc. After 2 months of training and assessment, you will be certified as a blockchain consultant. This is probably the best course if you want to start offering Blockchain Consultancy in Singapore.

Duration: 2 months. Cost: S$600

8. The Block School


The Block School is a home-grown blockchain training company which offers customized blockchain corporate training, education, and consultancy services. They have also partnered with the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), and a couple of other partners (Everything about Bitcoin, Sparrow, etc.) to provide short introductory courses.

Courses offered:

  • The Crypto Starter Pack - This course aims to introduce you to the basics of blockchain technology and also on-board you into the cryptocurrency space. It explores the blockchain and cryptocurrency scene in Singapore and also facilitates you in creating a Bitcoin wallet and the usage of an exchange.

Duration: 2 days, 4 hours per day. Cost: S$168

Duration: 1 day. Cost: S$650.

  • Introduction to NFTs - This is an introductory course to NFTs, the history, why they’re becoming popular, and what are the trends that have followed. The course will also help you get acquainted with minting your own NFTs and how to purchase them.

Duration: 2 days, 4 hours per day. Cost: S$168

9. Tribe Academy


Tribe Academy was founded on the premise to bridge the talent gap in the tech industry. It seeks to empower developers by honing their technical skills and also facilitate the job search process for candidates who walk through their doors.

  • Blockchain (IBM Hyperledger and IBM Blockchain Certification) - Learn the fundamentals of IBM Hyperledger Fabric from blockchain experts and get certified by IBM upon the completion of the course. You will also learn how to design and develop a permissionless blockchain using the IBM blockchain platform.

Duration: 6 months, part-time. Cost: Not listed.

10. General Assembly


GA has been offering training in tech, data, design, business and more recently, blockchain. They are one of the leaders in education, winning multiple awards for their cucurriculum, and are also present almost worldwide.

Courses recommended:

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Workshop - In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of digital currency transactions such as Bitcoin, smart contracts on Ethereum, and the different applications of blockchain technology. It also covers the different industries that it has the potential to disrupt and the organisations that are currently experimenting with the technology.

Note: The classes in the Singapore campus will not be available until further notice, as classes are currently conducted online.

Duration: 3 hours. Cost: USD$99

Bonus: SkillsFuture Courses

If these courses that we listed here are not what you’re looking for, you can head up to the SkillsFuture website to search for a whopping 190 blockchain-related courses! There’s something for everyone there, and you can filter the searches according to fees, course start dates, and training providers.


There are many choices to choose from, but always remember that the key thing is always to start. We hope you enjoyed this article and that you will be able to find your dream job on Crypto Jobs List after!


This is a growing list that's always evolving as more universities are starting to offer blockchain courses in Singapore. If you're looking to add any new information to this list, feel free to update it in the spreadsheet.

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