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Top 30 Crypto Memes. 2024 Edition

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Grab your popcorn and dive into the favorite crypto memes of all time that'll have you LOLing in the decentralized world. 🤣

Let's start with the classic…

👩‍🚀 HODL in the space meme


Moving on to the:

📊 "Candlelight dinner" meme

dinner-with-candles-crypto-meme.png Every crypto trader during the bull run.

📈 Next up, the "trading pattern" meme

trading-pattern-dinosaur-crypto-meme.png The logical reason for scalp trading.

🩸Remember that, BUY THE DIP meme?

buy-the-dip-meme.jpg Do you guys still have money?

👀 When someone asks what is the difference between a stock trader and a crypto trader?

stock-trader-crypto-trader-meme.png No problem, I can survive on Ramen🍜

👩‍🎓Crypto noob vs crypto OG meme.

new-vs-experienced-crypto-trader-meme.png I'm the Warren Buffett of the crypto.

🕺How is Web3 people different?


My heart is pumping at 300 beats/min, and I'm fine!

🪞A perfect depiction of crypto enthusiasts.

crypto-holders-loss-gain-meme.jpg Yes, this is me!

👩‍❤️‍👨 Now, the "Crypto boyfriend" meme!

crypto-boyfriend-crying-meme.png I can't explain my feelings, though 👀

🍔 Drumroll for the "Mc Donolads" meme!

mcdonald-bitcoin-crypto-meme.jpg State of every crypto holder in 2022.

Every Event this year meme

token2049-meme.png This is a reference from a scene of Titanic, it makes reference to how the market hasn’t been the best lately. Yet, we (the crypto people)6 still chill on events (cause we know the market will come back, right?)

The Hypocrisy of Larry Fink - Blackrock meme


The context of the meme is about how Larry Fink complained in an interview at CNBC about how Bitcoin was just to launder money, but later on this year he praised Bitcoin at an interview on Fox Business.

Cointelegraph Intern Starting Bull Market Meme


This is just a funny way to start a much-needed bull run, considering how often interns go bananas on social media.

Nas Daily Effect meme

nas-daily-interview-cz-sbf-crypto-meme.png This is Nuseir Yassin is considered the grim reaper of the famous crypto people, the including both Sam Bankman fried and CZ who are both in jail.

Crypto Trader Setup Meme

crypto-trader-setup-meme.png The average crypto trader usually recalls at least one time their portfolio deep and the collateral was taking the toll due to market conditions.

Winnie the Pooh turns into a Bitcoin Maxi meme


Don’t trust the banks Don’t trust the banks Don’t trust the banks Don’t trust the banks Don’t trust the banks Don’t trust the banks Don’t trust the banks Don’t trust the banks Don’t trust the banks Don’t trust the banks Don’t trust the banks

SBF on a plaine meme


We all have the one friend who will shill a meme coin and swear on their family is not a rug pull, in this case that friend is Sam who convinced whole countries with his exchange FTX.

IRS Auditing your crypto transactions meme


Parents making fun of the "investor" in the family?

the-eth-investor-meme.png p.s. My own parents haven’t gotten over the Luna fiasco still.

My girlfriend thinks i'm rich now meme


Taking profits meme


We just love to buy high, sell low!

Binance lawsuit on Christmas meme


This is a reference to the SEC suing Binance, the lawsuit was settled by Cz going to jail and paying the small amount of 4 Billion dollars.

Money in the Bank vs Money in Crypto meme


If not hacked or stored in a bankrupted exchange, crypto can be really fun!

BitBoy meme is a must this year!

bitboy-ben-theft-auto-meme.png BitBoy is (or was) one of the most recognized crypto influencers, however this year has been rough for him, to the point he recorded himself being arrested for trying to steal his ex business partner car.

Not the case if you held anything in FTX


Some people woke up to a try and move funds from FTX just to realize they couldn’t, we rather laugh than keep crying about it.

We just had to include a Drake meme too!

drake-crypto-meme.png Did you ever have a chat with friends to buy meme coins? Did you ever have friends?

Poor vs Rich vs BITCOINER meme

poor-rich-bitcoiner-meme.png You are a chad and you don’t spend money on useless things like clothes.

"Bitcoin is dead" meme

bitcoin-is-dead-meme.png Bitcoin will never die.

Crypto is healthy meme


What was your biggest profit this year?

Uncle Gary Gensler meme

politicians-discussion-crypto-meme.png It is funny how true this is, Gary Gensler is 66 years old.

Is there a conclusion?

Alright, fam! That's our top crypto memes. Which one hit close to home?

Drop your favorites, share your thoughts, and let's make this thread the ultimate crypto meme vault!

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