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How to Build a Web3 Talent Profile on Crypto Jobs List [and get noticed by recruiters]

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Crypto Jobs List has had more than 9,500 crypto jobs, more than 149,000 applications and 21,462 registered talent profiles!

Thousands of people visit the talent page every single month. This means if you have a well crafted talent profile on CJL you can get seen by the people who are actively posting jobs and screening candidates.

To maximize your chances of landing your dream crypto job, it is crucial to create a compelling profile that showcases your skills & experience.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a great profile on CryptoJobsList.

Let’s start! ⏬

talent profile picture.png

Profile Picture

We will start with the profile picture.

A great profile picture in crypto & web3 is professional yet not too serious. Afterall we are in web3 so we are not expected to be very uptight.

Here are a few examples:

professional profile picture.png

If you have a picture of yours that has some background then you can use online tools such as Canva to remove the background with a few clicks and add a solid color to the background instead as well.

Title Of Your Talent Profile

talent profile title and status.png

The title shows up even before your name in the talent section and talent searches.

talent profile title examples.png

This means it is one of the most important things that you need to work on for your talent profile.

A simple yet descriptive title that tells people what you do is imperative. Ideally you should not use more than 5-6 words in the title.

Additionally you must think about the recruiters who are going to visit your profile, they probably get hundreds of screening applications through the day, so it’s better to get straight to the point.

For example:

optimized talent profile title.png

Sergio’s title, “Wearer of many hats. Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketer, Content Creator, Writer, Public Speaker, BD noobie, Immaculate Vibes” could be shortened to simply “Full Stack Web3 Marketing Maven”

Full stack in this case tells the recruiter that Sergio is proficient in a broad set of skills around marketing in web3. So it automatically includes social media strategy, content creation, PR etc.

Status Of Your Talent Profile

talent profile status crypto jobs list.png

The status is also a direct signal to the people viewing the search results and shows up right after your title.

For now search results for talent profiles only show profiles that are marked with “Open to Offers” or “Available Now”

Status talent profile.png

Story Section

This section is essentially a summary of who you are. Ideally you want to share the impact that you have had for the projects and companies you have worked for in the past.

Numbers speak the loudest so make sure to quantify the results.

Here are 2 examples of sharing the actual figures of results to provide support to the story section:

story section example 1.pngstory section example 2.png

Let’s quickly see how the links and skills actually show up in search results and in your profile before getting into detail on this section.

talent profile skills.png

As you can see the skills section shows up before your summary in the talent page and each skill you add shows up as a separate non-clickable button.

We suggest adding at least 5 and on average 7-10 skills that are in demand in your job profile.

Skill based search is also how people can find you on the talent page. So if someone is looking for people proficient in SEO, they can search for SEO and if you have that in your skills tags you’d show up in the results too.

So make sure to include the relevant skills that someone would want to search for when hiring for your role.

URLs and portfolio links are also important in case the recruiters want to check out your social media and relevant profiles.

portfolio links talent profile.png

Additionally make sure to fill in all your social media links too.

Let’s move to the next section.

Work Experience

If you don’t have work experience we’d still suggest adding the projects you might have worked on either as a part of your course curriculum or personal projects.

This would highlight the practical hands on skill experience.


work experience example talent profile.png

We’d suggest going through other talent profiles on the platform that are in the same role as you and checking out their work experience and the rest of the profile to get a better idea.

Not everyone adds their work experience so it is definitely a big plus for a potential employer if you have this section filled up properly.

Interests & Final Points

Make sure to add what kind of opportunities you are interested in and what you are open towards.

interests talent profile crypto jobs list.png

We definitely suggest adding your favorite joke here too, just to give an idea about your personality. You can skip this one if you like though.

Once your profile is live you can share the link with people you have worked with for leaving a recommendation for you.

Wrap Up

Setting up a talent profile on Crypto Jobs List is a great way to get in front of the recruiters and also provide them an easy way to get in touch with you if they like your profile.

As you already know we keep improving things constantly so all suggestions and feedback is welcomed.

You can also tweet at us in case you are confused about something on the website!

As always, best of luck with your crypto career!

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Passionate about crypto and content. I try to make crypto topics easy to understand in both text and video!

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