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2022 has been a busy and productive year for the Crypto Jobs List team, as we've implemented a host of new features and improvements on the platform as well as helped a few hundred people get jobs.

To kick off 2023, I’d like to start with an overview of what we’ve achieved in 2022. Focusing on talent-related features and improvements.

2023 is here

Job Search and Talent-facing features

  • Newsletter subscriptions by category. In addition to our general newsletter, you can now subscribe to the relevant categories of jobs and receive focused jobs newsletter for that category only. We are the only niche job board to provide this functionality.
  • Job bookmarks. You can now shortlist jobs you’d like to apply for. Especially useful when you are browsing the site from mobile and would like to apply later on from your desktop. You’ve got to log in for that feature to work.
  • Tags. We moved away from general job categories to tags. This change might not be very noticeable, but will give greater flexibility for both hiring companies and job seekers.
  • Added job sorting feature. Sorting by relevance, recency and number of applications.
  • Improved job query by location (e.g. typing Asia will display all jobs from countries in Asia)
  • Crypto Wordle Remember Wordle? In 2022 we did a crypto version of it. Give it another try if you haven’t done so. It’s harder than you think.
  • Verified company badges. This adds another layer of security and authenticity to job listings
  • Added Trends page Compare hiring volumes to crypto market prices. We are looking forward to adding more charts! Let us know what data you’d like to see there.
  • Connect your Crypto Wallet to a Talent Account. We’ll be building more features on top of it soon!
  • Added Success Stories page All the latest hiring success stories.
  • Video Applications in job posts. Companies are now able to request a video introduction. This also helps you stand out as a candidate. We are super excited about this one, as we’ve already seen hundreds of applicants using it. People are move comfortable with video than ever!
  • Sending “filled” notification to applicants — every time a job ad is being filled, we are sending filled notifications to all applicants for that role.
  • Ethereum Push Notification Service ( integration. Subscribe to web3 job notifications via
  • /@username support on Talent pages Claim and share your username after logging in here
  • Search salaries by location. For example:
  • Added salary document proof. You can now submit a document proof of your salary, which gives extra credibility to your submission. If you submit your salary with a proof you’ll be able to see other verified submissions.
  • Several UI improvements across company pages, blog post pages. Added pagination.
  • Improved overall page performance (removed old/unused CSS classes, fixed cache memory leaks, fixed massive CLS issues due to router.isFallback, improved image sizes)

🤓 Other Technical Improvements

  • Transitioned from React.JS to Preact.JS - to minimize that Next.js bundle size and improve performance
  • Improved router hook for better canonical URL detection (useRouterWithRewrite).
  • Moved a bunch of .JS files to .TS across backend and frontend
  • Improved TypeScript support. We use Sails (don't ask why 😂), which doesn’t have an out of the box support for TypeScript
  • Added unit/e2e/integration tests on GH actions to improve code quality and reliability. Now it’s harder for us to shoot ourselves in the foot.
  • Bundle size analyzer. To monitor and optimize performance.
  • Lighthouse CI
  • Improved Stats page It’s now using WebSockets and is actually real time!
  • Added Google Analytics 4. Still not sure why Google decided to kill its perfectly functioning analytics product in favor of GA4. GA4 doesn't look too great so far lol.


Successful hires. Companies reported over 222 successful hires from Crypto Jobs List. Compared to 2021, where we had 215 reported hires, it’s a marginal decrease. Which is quite surprising for a bear market year.

Note: not all companies let us know that they actually closed the role. Most tend to forget and move on with their business. Hence the number might appear lower than it is.

Twitter. From 23k followers at the start of 2022 to 48.7k at the end of the year. Which is more than double! Which is an amazing sign of how work in crypto and web3 has been in such a demand over the years. Not only are people interested in trading, but more and more people are choosing crypto/web3 as their career. If you are not following us yet, it’s your chance — We share the latest job opportunities, memes, news and industry reports.

Job Application. In 2022 we processed over 68k job applications. In 2021 that was 38k. Close to a 2x growth. As funny (or sad) as it sounds, but this is probably because of the bear market :) I mean, people are actually searching for jobs. Contrary to a popular belief that fewer people are willing to work in the industry during bear market. This also can be attributed to overall platform growth.

LinkedIn. Our community went from 26k to a whopping 67k members in just a year. That’s a 250% growth! It’s surprising (or not?) that there are more people following us on LinkedIn than on Twitter. It could be explained by the professional and job-search oriented nature of LinkedIn. But it also signals that crypto/web3 communities are not only bound to Twitter.

To Summarize

Overall, 2022 has been a great year for the Crypto Jobs List team. Our core team grew from 1 to 2. And we are continuing to slowly add core team members. We're excited to continue improving and expanding Crypto Jobs List in 2023 🚀

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