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Aleph Zero was established in early 2018 with a vision to provide the first truly scalable, decentralized, and open-sourced DLT ecosystem. After almost three years on the market, we’re confident that we’re going in the right direction.

We’re building a new blockchain platform using our novel protocols published in scientific papers. We work on problems in the fields of cryptography, concurrent algorithms, and distributed systems. In order to solve those challenges, we need your help. We’re using Rust—a cutting-edge language that’s rapidly gaining traction—and Substrate, which is a Rust framework for blockchain development.

The project team raised over $4M in pre-seed and seed stage from well-known funds, angel investors, and organizations in the blockchain space. 

Depending on your location and preferred employment terms, you will be engaged through the Aleph Zero Foundation ( or our R&D partners at Cardinal Cryptography ( 

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