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If “Ethereum L2” and “Yield Farming” sound like made up words, go ahead and close this page.

If you hear “beautiful model” and the next thing on your mind isn’t “Excel”, just hit the back button – no hard feelings.

This is not your usual analyst role. Yes – being great at building models and research will be your core skillset.

But you should be flexible and relentlessly resourceful, able to move quickly to help us capitalize on a fast-moving opportunity.

It’ll be a hands-on crash course on the 24/7/365 crypto market

If you love the idea of spending all day nerding out on crypto finance, keep reading.

About Us

Asymmetric Capital is a crypto-native investment startup with trad-fi DNA, targeting consistent returns of 80% annualized.

The partners previously cofounded a global top 20 crypto HFT trading firm that scaled to billions in average daily trading volume.

At our new firm Asymmetric, we scan the crypto markets to identify mispriced investment opportunities that have a great risk-return profile.

We apply the rigor of tradfi to capitalize on inefficiencies in nascent crypto markets.

Truth be told, a lot of what we do isn’t “trading”.

One day we might be moving crypto into new pools and figuring out creative ways to stack farming rewards.

The next day we might be spinning up a team of 25 offshore virtual assistants to captain digital pirate ships that farm virtual gold.

On another day we might be building tech to market-make NFTs on Blur.

If it’s crypto and we can get in early with an edge – we’ll move quickly to capitalize and use tech to augment and scale when appropriate.

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