logo is a fast growing dashboard for yield aggregation in the crypto space. We want to bring transparency and a great user experience to all decentralized finance users. Since our launch 2 months ago we created a community of engaged followers who love to compare yields across 600+ farms on more than a dozen blockchains on our platform.

Our vision is to be the one stop shop for all yield farming needs. We want to offer farm discovery as well as one click investing. The target group of our product are primarily experienced yield farmers like whales and institutional investors.

The position is full time and 100% remote. Your working times are flexible as long as they overlap with regular working times in Europe.

You have the opportunity to become one of the leading devs, potentially CTO, in the future, to manage a team, as well as get ownership in the form of token/equity.

If you join established startups, you might be employee #50 Here he can become almost co-founder level and make a significant impact on our company and help us to reach 8-9 figure as a company. So the upside is much higher and there is less risk as you will receive a salary as well.


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Chief Marketing Officer


Community Lead


Senior Software Engineer (Backend)


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