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The BNPL Pay is a decentralized EVM DeFi protocol servicing the uncollateralised lending markets. Our freshly launched Web 3.0 dApp has just rolled out via a third party software team and now we are looking to the best development mind to bring this in house.

Team BNPL Pay is keen to find the right candidate for a Fullstack Software Engineer in European or Asian timezones for a full time permanent position or contract arrangement. We are looking for an experienced and autonomous team member to take the BNPL Pay App to the next level with a passion for building industry leading DeFi products.

The team works entirely independently and remotely, with regular meetings and stand-ups. As a small team your ideas will be valued and we expect autonomy to continuously evolve and improve the product, playing a substantial role in the success of the company.

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The BNPL Pay App

Built initially on Ethereum, the premise of the app is leveraging decentralised capital for uncollateralised loans. Setting up a Banking Node is permissionless and currently requires bonding 2m BNPL tokens as collateral into a smart contract. Once bonded, users can provide USDT for the Banking Node to issue as loans in return for 70% of the loan interest, whilst BNPL holders can stake BNPL to earn 20% of the loan interest in the form of BNPL, with the remaining 10% of interest being paid to the Banking Node itself. Any USDT not utilised within loans is staked in AAVE and earns a modest yield.


High Level Application Roadmap

  • Cross-chain Integration
  • USDC, DAI & other Stablecoin support
  • Custom White-Label APIs/SDKs
  • DAO Transition
  • UI & UX Evolution

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