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We are a Bali-based team looking for a Software Engineer (Blockchain + Javascript) for Circles Bali, a Universal Basic Income on the Blockchain. APPLY HERE!

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We are a startup with the mission to create a community-driven initiative that provides wealth to all participants, helping them meet their basic needs, and expand livelihood opportunities for all people in Bali. By joining the Circles Bali team, you will be contributing to the well-being of all Balinese in an unprecedented system to benefit the world. Here is the deck that overviews Circles Bali. We have also written a research report located HERE identifying the need for this solution in Bali, potential issues, and how this will be implemented. This is based off the technology from Circles Berlin which shares a similar vision.


Among the core team, we have founders who have built and sold multiple companies, as well as built successful developer communities. We are an international company, having people from Bali, USA, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Germany, Russia, France, Armenia, India and Poland, and working from all around the globe :)


We are strongly values driven. We believe that this provides the structure to scale our organization, innovate our technology and attract top talent as we strive to change the world towards a better future. These values apply to how we work and the philosophy of the solutions we create. People make the product!


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