Conductive logo is defining the bleeding edge of what front-end means in a crypto-enabled web3-world. Excited to participate in an industry almost no one knows about today but will permeate all aspects of society in the next 10 years? Specifically, you’re pretty awesome at React or Vue and have a passion for stand-out UX. Maybe you’re full-stack and then some? You like to move fast but get the important details right and know when to paint outside the lines. You’re perhaps are customer-obsessed and love epic challenges and like participating in hackathons like we do.

We’re a team of product, engineering, design, finance and game design hackers from all over the globe but share the same vision of ushering web3 into the world at break-neck speed with an eye for detail. We love to have fun, get shit done and above all want to turn the sci-fi world of decentralized computing into a reality and hopefully you do to! You can learn more about us here: Careers at Conductive

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