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GIROGIRO AI makes it easy to launch AI-enabled EVM-compatible L2s, adding verifiable intelligence to existing dApps. With AI-specialized optimization on modularized layers, these AI-enabled L2s can call into off-chain models with on-chain operations and receive verifiable results with high throughput and low latency, unveiling unprecedented potential within VMs.

Our team members come from top universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Tsinghua, and have experience working at companies such as Meta, Google, and Apple. We are an innovative company with an open atmosphere that provides unique opportunities for each team member. We offer rich reward mechanisms (NFT, TOKEN, CARRY) for outstanding partners and sincerely seek partners to create long-term value together.

Why AI+Web3?

When thinking of AI + Web 3, whether it's an approach to revolutionizing existing AI applications w/ Web 3 incentives and logic, or the approach to extending the ability of Web 3 infra w/ machine learning models, we advise to first target a specific approach. For existing AI applications, PMF matters the most and any product adding incentives w/o solidifying concrete needs is just another ponzi that's not gonna last. However, I am still very excited to see this path blossom since many AI killer apps and middlewares are being delivered and getting hypes in Web 2, providing sufficient "templates" for Web 3 developers. Additionally, extending the ability of Web 3 infra is equally, if not, more challenging, since under this "code is law" environment, machine learning needs to be verifiable either via on-chain computation or zkml, and yet both need specialized expertise. But, with the advancement of quantization and zk toolings, we believe viability is right around the corner and could unlock huge potential for what's possible via blockchain.

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