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Giveth has a great reputation and a powerful legacy to uphold. Created in 2016 by the WHG, rising like a phoenix out of the ashes of TheDAO. Most notably we created the Minime Token and Liquid Pledging, which have been adopted by many notable projects in the space (Aragon, Status, etc) and, as the WHG, rescued 210 million dollars from vulnerable parity multisigs. Aragon uses the Minime token for every Aragon DAO. Status used Liquid Pledging to build Assemble which they use for funding their projects

Crypto economic systems are creating value-based economies that can enable non-profits around the world to support themselves without personal sacrifice. And that is revolutionary!

Giveth is designed to be an interface between the prosocial, value-driven, collective-focused magic-makers of the world and the revolutionary funding streams that the crypto space (especially the Ethereum community) has opened up.

These funding mechanisms give donors the confidence needed to collaborate with non-profits in achieving shared goals, including becoming self-sustainable while giving organizations that are caring for Public Goods the ability to cooperate with each other instead of competing for traditional funding. Giveth hopes to be the place where every organization that wants to support Public Goods is able to COOPERATE and COORDINATE in doing so.

This focus on cooperation between our allies is the only attitude that is required to join this organization. Otherwise we prefer to have a diversity of opinion and temperament styles. :-D

This job offer is focused on the development and launch of a donor-owned token economy. We need support to accomplish our mission - we need solidity development.

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