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Golem’s goal is to democratize the access to computing resources worldwide in a censorship-resistant manner. We do this via building a p2p marketplace for computing power that anyone can access - formed by the power of machines from all over the globe.

Across the planet, there is a vast untapped amount of computing power. By creating a global marketplace to connect all of this spare capacity, Golem will change the internet as we know it. 

With almost 6 years of experience in the blockchain ecosystem, Golem has successfully released its first protocol implementation into the Ethereum mainnet in 2018. Golem is now focused on delivering a completely new product, with the same aim as before, but a more ambitious and able to onboard a vast developer audience.

Does building this ambitious game-changer project sound like a challenge you’d like to take on? If the answer is yes, we want to talk to you about joining the Golem team.

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