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Consulting, Acceleration, VC of FinTech and Blockchain Startups JRR is the world's leading Blockchain Technology Group, focusing on global blockchain investment and Open Financial Ecosystem development. The group is comprised of three components: JRR Capital, an investment fund, JRR Creative Labs, an incubator, and JRR Consulting, a strategy and technical solutions provider. JRR capital, as a venture fund under JRR Blockchain Technology Group, is committed to exploring potential blockchain projects and creating value for the industry through in-depth cooperation via primarily investment, in additional to many other ways. Presently, JRR Capital has completed more than 40 project investments in the primary market, covering key areas such as public chains, payments, wallets, media platforms and exchanges. Specific investment projects include Binance, Bee Computing, BOINC, Blockcloud, BitWires, Alldex, Fpay, Aergo, Certik, Blockchainer, Beijing Lianan, TokenGazer, Ellipal and many others.

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