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NEPRI brings DeFi & Open Finance to 3.6 Billion Ordinary People. It is an Open Finance and Decentralized Financial (DeFi) platform that makes DeFi services & tools accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

How will Open Finance and DeFi cross the chasm? With NEPRI.


NEPRI is a multi-purpose Open Finance and Decentralized Financial platform providing: - the superior and next-generation stablecoin that earns a yield while it’s in your wallet with rich diversified yield generation strategies -  a Tokenized Risk and Fluctuation Derivative Asset for DeFi, with a yield strategy based on a cross platform derivatives protocol for any and all fluctuations – and an autonomous and non-custodial stablecoin infrastructure, risk minimised and scalable stable assets are the foundation of a robust DeFi stack. The aim is to build a billion-dollar DeFi protocol

Moreover, we are working on launching a single platform that offers venture funding in tiered risk levels, creating nearly zero-risk venture investments, and provide a solution to close the $5.2 Trillion Credit Gap for formal MSMEs and startups in next frontier and emerging markets with a new asset class based on a structured financial product targeting the $1Trillion Personal Finance Management market. In addition, we are building a fair, accessible, collaborative and inclusive security token sale framework targeting the $14 Trillion Opportunity of Alternative Asset investment.

NEPRI is being built by NEPRI Inc., a company with presence in South Africa and Mauritius. Our core development team is remote and successful applicants are expected to work on remote for the next 3 months.

NEPRI is building a global Open Finance platform that can be used by anyone in frontier and emerging markets with a mobile phone — no banks or intermediaries required. Under the hood, it is a decentralized smart contract platform whose architecture enables mobile phones to easily validate transactions, and it uses stable-value token pegged to fiat currency to minimize volatility. But because NEPRI is building both the underlying infrastructure, a consumer web app and a mobile app, it is taking a “full stack” approach. This means we’re building a complete product or service that can bypass legacy infrastructure and limitations, and more importantly, provide a better end-to-end experience — enabling NEPRI to take the best features of DeFi and pair them with a more seamless user experience.

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