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We are founders of many web 2.0 meme platforms in Europe with milions of active users. Our next project is - first web 3.0 decentralized meme platform, which will be connected with our platforms. We expect to bring milions of new users into crypto and to create new top popular meme coin.

Opportunity is huge, because we know what we are doing, we created many meme websites, we know how to create communities. 

Memes are very big part of internet, it can be gif, picture, photo, screenshot, video etc...
Currently memes are broadcasted by very big meme websites + instagram pages + discord/telegram groups etc..

There is no Meme 3.0 Platform yet, where Meme Creator/Owner have Digital Proof of Meme Ownership. Where he can earn rewards and trade memes.

Meme 3.0 is possible through Blockchain & NFT revolution

Memes are immortal creations which travel the internet forever. Some of them die instantly and some of them become legendary making an historical and/or sociological impact on human history. 

Join us and create new top NFT/MEME platform.

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