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A Custom Accelerator for Web 3.0.

We have advised, invested in and incubated 25 projects in the New Data Economy over 5 years. We have condensed 5 years of learning into an accelerator program to support pre-seed stage startups across all 3 key layers of Infrastructure, Middleware & Applications. 

Providing customised entrepreneur mentorship and bespoke Web 3 expertise and support:

  • New business /  governance models
  • Open source landscape
  • New technology stack / developer tooling
  • New fundraising mechanisms
  • New regulations (data, privacy & crypto)

With Base Camp, we are recruiting, financing and providing a launchpad for pre-seed projects anywhere in Europe. Providing product support, hub services, and partnering with them on their web 3 concepts. We run multiple cohorts per year with six to ten startups each.

Recent Base Camp alumni startups include:

  • Blockchain analytics tools for cryptoassets
  • Self sovereign identity for gaming and beyond
  • Decentralised mobile network infrastructure
  • Relayer network for decentralised apps with frictionless user experience 
  • Infrastructure for tokenising and trading real-world things as NFTs
  • Immutable financial market data for digital and traditional assets

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