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A new game that lets people all over the world interact and leverage their art & collectibles to create new NFTs and earn crypto.

Stake your NFTs - Enhance gameplay with your collection - Earn yields

Evolution is considered the change in characteristics of a species over several generations. Right now… You’re standing on the precipice of humanity’s artistic and cultural evolution. NFT’s are changing how we think about creativity, ownership, and even our relationships with the places we visit and the people we engage with…

So, what exactly is SimBiotes?

SimBiotes is the first of its kind: a massive multiplayer game on the metaverse with play-to-earn elements, where each NFT is a living, breathing digital organism. Each of these adopts new characteristics over time based on hundreds of attributes, all dependent on player input.

The game is founded on the concept of evolution, so just as we are all experiencing the evolution of the metaverse in real-time, your Cells and the in-game environment will evolve. We’re partnering with Kevuru Games (best known for Fortnite) and a host of artists to continue the evolution of SimBiotes beyond 2D collectibles and into a living 3D metaverse. SimBiotes is a collaborative, exploratory space within the metaverse, allowing players to spawn new collectibles and apply their own ERC-721 & ERC-20 tokens like never before to enhance their gameplay, increase the value of their in-game assets and improve their chances of earning in-game assets and NFTs.

In short, SimBiotes is a brand new metaverse game for people who want more from their NFT’s than just an avatar… they get to interact with a living, breathing organism in an expanding world and to play with their existing collectibles like never before.

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