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Spheron Protocol is a next-generation solution to host your app permanently. Spheron Protocol is built on top of Decentralised Cloud Networks, making it a powerful tool to deploy front-end dapp or Backend Infrastructure. Spheron Protocol deploys your app in a decentralized environment and it also makes it easy for the developer to manage their deployed apps that you will find in the traditional web hosting platform like Vercel, Netlify, Heroku.

We offer a decentralized, uncensored, and permanent platform for businesses and ideas on the internet with simpler tool and out of the box automation. With Spheron Protocol you will enjoy no hidden fees of cloud provider giants, enjoy fast deployment via pre-rendered front-end webpages supported by multiple Jamstacks, and scale seamlessly without any monthly recurring fees.

At Spheron Protocol, our goal is to create an internet for the people, by the people, and of the people. 

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