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Stader Labs is a crypto native protocol started by Sid and Amit that is simplifying staking for PoS delegators across chains.

Sid has a decade of experience building and scaling tech applications including crypto mining optimiser (managing $100M). Amit has held multiple top management positions across start-ups and consulting.

Currently, Stader is a team of 7 people who worked across top companies incl. ATKearney, Swiggy, LinkedIn, Comcast, Paypal, etc.

Stader is addressing gaps in the staking market which is already over $200B by creating a marketplace for stakers that offers end-to-end stake management generating 20-25% higher returns. Early backers include some of the best investors from Silicon Valley and marquee crypto company founders.

We have a strong culture of continuous learning, authenticity, and tenacity. The team, our investors and advisors are highly passionate about what we are building.

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