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At Timewave, our mission is to ensure that all who earnestly endeavor to grow the interchain are limited—not by capital—but only their imaginations and the laws of physics. To achieve this mission, we develop software that improves long-term incentive alignment within and among internet-native organizations such as blockchains, dApps, and protocols (i.e. DAOs). We hold ourselves to an exemplary level of engineering excellence and building products that can be trusted for centuries.

Our products

Our first products are the Covenant System and Rebalancer. Covenants enable two DAOs to align their incentives by swapping tokens and/or providing liquidity for each other. The Rebalancer is a portfolio management solution specifically designed for DAOs that enables them to set a desired portfolio compositions and maintain that portfolio over time.

To help give back to the communities we work with, we are also building Interchain Protocol Guild, which is a collective of Interchain contributors working to boost the incentives around stewarding the core protocols by maintaining an onchain registry of its membership which allows ecosystem sponsors to directly fund the membership, their work, the public good.

Over the course of developing these products, we have built the world’s most sophisticated cross-chain application testing suite.

Our ecosystem

We have partnered with some of the best team in crypto., including Cosmos Hub, Neutron, Osmosis, Astroport, EigenLayer, DAO DAO, Stride, and Persistence.

How we work

  • We prioritize working with top talent regardless of geography, which has led our 6-person team to become distributed across North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • We work flexibly but teammates must be available for two team meetings per week (typically between 2pm-3:30 pm ET).
  • As a remote team, we host 1-2 week retreats every 3-6 months that usually coincide with major blockchain conferences.
  • When recruiting new teammates, our preferred approach is to begin with a paid 3-month work trial.
  • We have been bootstrapping ourselves since 2022 and plan on raising our first venture capital round in 2024. There is still time to join us on the ground floor.

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