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Topl is a venture backed blockchain startup that is helping small and large companies alike track, tokenize and monetize their sustainable impact claims.  We have built a very unique value proposition in the Web3 space. from both a technical and commercial POV:

  • Commercial: we have built a layer 1 protocol specifically tailored for proving impact claims, be they supply chain or generally speaking.  Different from most blockchain protocols, however, we built layer 1 together with the solutions layer and have even built our own products on top of our solutions layer.  This has allowed us to have >30 signed use cases with significant test net and increasing mainnet activity prior to event minting our token, which we will do later in '22.  
  • Technical: The engineering has some truly distinguishable merits, including by not limited to our (almost definitely) being the first POS blockchain to reach Nakamoto consensus level security (aka Bitcoin POW), an enterprise-focused PRIVATE smart contract layer (to complement our public, permissionless blockchain), a utxo model to afford more granular level asset tracking, and a two-coin (payment / crypto) system to ensure we can offer low and stable fees over time.  In essence, we have built a better mousetrap specifically for how we want / expect our users and community to use the blockchain, and the early use cases prove this to be the case each day.

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