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Voltage Finance is the leading DeFi protocol in Fuse network (owned by Fuse). Voltage is a DAO and DeFi Hub offering various different products and services. Part of Voltage is the mobile app Fuse Cash wallet. Voltage counts with several partners and investors whom are the biggest players in the industry.

Fuse is leading the way for real-world adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain. We are on a mission to empower anyone to take part in creating the future of payments and decentralized finance. Our easy to use business tools allow projects to get up and running in no time at all leading to a multitude of successful implementations on Fuse Network - our low-cost, scalable blockchain.

Fuse Real-World Implementations include:

  • GoodDollar, a Digital Basic Income project that puts money in the hands of people all around the world everyday to build a more inclusive economy.
  • Kolektivo Labs, a regenerative economy project designed to bring sustainability to the Island of Curaçao in the Caribbean.
  • Peepl, a platform for blockchain-powered delivery applications designed to disrupt the likes of Deliveroo and UberEats with a more equitable, token-based business model.
  • And many more!

Our ecosystem is growing fast and we are privileged to be partnered with leading projects such as Chainlink, The Graph, Ramp Network, Sushi, Beefy Finance and Pocket Network to name just a few!

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