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X8C’s Brand Builders drive multi-platform promotional campaigns with two primary objectives. 

First, is to create a vibrant and enthusiastic community of engaged followers who will act as ambassadors to help promote the project in their trading circles and evangelize to other investors. 

Second, is creating broad exposure across all major crypto discussion platforms.

As a Brand Builder, you and your team will be using your knowledge and experience in the digital asset space to support client projects with in-depth, interesting and engaging conversation and content among the online trading communities.

You will use various social media channels, including Telegram, Twitter, 4chan, Discord, Reddit, and Youtube to promote client content including their product features, announcements, roadmap milestones, and USPs (unique selling propositions). 

Led by your Account Director, you will be a part of both short- and long-term marketing campaigns where you will share information, news, and media, with a relevant audience of digital asset enthusiasts, traders, and investors.

This is a role with a high level of autonomy and flexible working hours. You are generally free to choose when, where, and how you work, as long as KPIs are being met. 

You will be serving a maximum of three clients for up to 4 hours per day total.

You will be paid in USDT or USDC and will have the potential for token bonuses, options, and private sale allocation in leading projects.

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